Monday, July 6, 2009

Change in Strategy

Over the past couple of days I came up with a list of some 40 Microsoft patents with corresponding pieces of code in open source projects that ship as part of standard Linux distributions. Readers of the original two posts will remember the first two patents from my queue.

My goal was to release one a day, and with some six drafts written, I had material for the first week ready to go.

Given the feedback I received about the goals of this blog and today's announcement from Microsoft the project to identify patents in Linux distributions does not seem very useful anymore.

The announcement confirms the premise that I was trying to prove, that Linux infringes patents and that it was in nobody's interest to pursue lawsuits against open source software.

The blog will change direction and instead of exposing patents that Linux infringes, we will explore the subject of patents in the industry. My other blog post on "The Value of Patents" needs a little bit of work and some updates before it goes live, and will need to be updated to reflect these new developments.

For the time being, I have removed the content of the old blog posts from blogger and destroyed my notes.


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  2. Lol authour, buy another brain. This one sucks.

  3. "The announcement confirms the premise that I was trying to prove, that Linux infringes patents". No. The Microsoft Community Promise specifically states that the covered standards do not necessarily include MS patented content. So Linux doesn't necessarily, either.